Q&A with Mike Mulheran, Creative Colors International Franchisee with 3 Territories

Q&A with Mike Mulheran, Creative Colors International Franchisee with 3 Territories

Name: Mike Mulheran

Title: Franchise Owner

Brand: Creative Colors International

Territories: 3, all in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Years in franchising: 6

Why did you choose to franchise with a service brand?

I like working with customers and offering them a valuable service. The idea of providing a service that gives customers a solution to their problem and helps them save them money was very appealing to me. I like the experience of interacting with our customers and having a connection with them.

How did you choose the sector and brand you did?

I wasn’t looking for a specific industry or franchise concept. I did my due diligence and spoke with others and was impressed by Creative Colors. It is a family-run business, and you have a close connection with everyone in the system. I feel the same connection with people now as when I joined the system 6 years ago. Everyone there is very down-to-earth and family-oriented.

What different skill sets are required for service brand franchising?

It is important to be able to build a strong rapport with your customers. You also must be honest and forthright with them. If you are a people person and like to interact with others, it will help as you run the business.

What are the advantages of choosing a service brand?

It gives you great satisfaction to see a customer witness a job well done. Most of the time, your customers will be very satisfied with your service, and that really makes you feel good. I remember the first time I repaired a small tear in a seat cushion – seeing the customer being blown away by the repair was a very uplifting.

What would you recommend to anyone considering a service brand?

Explore your options and see what type of service brand motivates you. Make sure you identify the kind of service that fulfills your needs. Some people dive into a decision and later realize the concept may not be a fit for them.