Our Mission

Being the Leader in Leather & Vinyl Repair Franchises

Mission: Leader in Leather & Vinyl RepairCREATIVE COLORS INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a company where people are our first priority. There is a strong belief that people are all worthy and capable of good things if a channel is provided.

To promote Creative Colors International, Inc. we provide the best possible training to learn the tools of the trade. The initial training is subsequently backed up with periodic seminars and an ongoing support team ready to assist you with any business problems that might arise.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service to our customers by treating them as our most important asset.

Realization of leadership comes from the continuance of research and development of better techniques.

CREATIVE COLORS INTERNATIONAL, INC. provides a channel by which a company, by following the plan, has the opportunity to grow and prosper to limitless heights.

Why Choose Us?

Discover why this unique, mobile repair and restoration leather repair franchise business is the industry leader. The Creative Colors International vinyl and leather repair franchise has been designed for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the rewards of their efforts.