Furniture Restoration Franchise Services

We Do What Others Can’t, Where Others Can’t.

Creative Colors International Leads the Market in Furniture Restoration Franchise Services and the Mobile Restoration of Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Fabric and more.

Repairing and restoring furniture and key components of cars, planes, boats, homes, offices and more. We save consumers time and money by repairing everyday wear and tear to extend the life of these products instead of throwing them away and replacing them. From airports to homes, aircraft dealers to car dealers and aircraft owners to boat owners to home owners, we will get the job done right. We can repair holes, cuts, tears, burns, scrapes, fading or discoloration and our warranty covers the quality of our craftsmanship. In our quest to fix, repair, refinish and otherwise revitalize our customers’ valuable leather, vinyl, fabric and plastics, we find a high demand for our furniture restoration franchise services everywhere!

Furniture Restoration Franchise Services

Automotive Industry

Our processes enable us to work with the dealerships and rental car agencies to get their cars front-line ready and to do the job on-time, on-budget, and very often completely on-site.

Aviation Leather Repair Franchise


We work with airports, aircraft dealers, insurance companies, and aircraft owners, and have the capabilities to get the leather airplane seat repair job done right. We offer on-site repair and restoration services to any aircraft, whether it’s in the hangar, on the tarmac between flights, or down for maintenance.


The Creative Colors International® on-site capabilities, coupled with our precision repair techniques, make us ideally suited to meet the needs of the moving industry.

Commercial Buildings

Consider the amount of furniture and seating fixtures in office complexes, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, churches, funeral homes, and most retail establishments. Our budget-friendly capabilities are ideal for quickly enhancing the images, quality, and comfort of these establishments.

Residential Services

Homeowners love our on-site services, especially with the everyday wear and tear that happens to their high-end leather furniture.


Boats, yachts, and marine craft are subjected to some of the harshest conditions under the sun. Boat owners love our service technicians because we have all the tools and training necessary to repair, refinish, clean and condition marine vinyls, leathers, carpets, and plastics.


We give you the tools to do local marketing to insurance agents for claims. We may have national accounts with insurance companies that enable us to send you leads.

National Accounts

The CCI National Accounts Program benefits furniture retailers, warranty companies, restaurants and manufacturers, and hotel chains by providing standardized pricing, unified billing, uniform service orders, guaranteed service, and customized repair services based on individual requirements.

Other Services

Headlight Restoration

Premium quality restoration when headlights have become discolored or dull due to oxidation, UV degradation, or wear from abrasion.

Radio Button Restoration

Replace graphics on radio buttons, window switches, steering wheels, AC controls, and more.

Exterior Trim and Cladding Restoration

Worn out plastic trim pieces restored to their original quality.

Service Markets


Auto Body Shops
Car Dealers
Car Rental Agencies
Fire and Safety Vehicles
Fleet Vehicles
Government Vehicles
Insurance Companies
Limo Companies
Military Vehicles
Motorcycle Dealers
Police vehicles
Public Transportation
RV Dealers
Trucking Companies
Warranty Companies 


Furniture Stores
Hair Salons
Interior Designers
Message Therapists
Movie Theaters
Moving Companies


Medical Clinics
Vet Clinics


Airplane dealers
Airplane owners
Airplane cleaning and refurnishing companies
Airplane manufacturers
Airplane repair and restoration companies


Boat dealers
Boat owners
Boat cleaning and refurnishing companies
Boat manufacturers
Boat repair and restoration companies


Farm Equipment
Government Offices