Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

Creative Colors International provides premium-quality restoration when headlights have become discolored or dull due to oxidation, UV degradation or wear from abrasion.

Radio Button Restoration

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by letting Creative Colors International replace graphics on radio buttons, window switches, steering wheels, AC controls, and more. 

Exterior Trim/Cladding Restoration

Are the black plastic trim pieces on your car fading? Or maybe you have a bumper that is starting to look more grey than black. You can bring back some of that shine back to your plastic and trim pieces! Vehicles that are often exposed to UV rays, rain, dust, road grime or normal wear and tear will experience oxidation on plastic trim pieces, leaving an unsightly mark on your car.

If you’re looking to restore your plastic and trim pieces, contact Creative Colors International. 

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